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Azhar Abbas

Account Executive - Illinois

Account Executive


P: (630) 207-3028


Uzma Rafiq

Account Executive - Illinois

I am an Account Executive at Aldridge Wealth Management & a Loan Officer at Compass Mortgage. I have always had an entrepreneurial passion and started working for my mother by managing her business at the age of 18. My passion has always been to help clients meet their lending needs and creating long-lasting partnerships. Treating everyone with love, respect, integrity and excellence are my core values. In my spare time, I love to travel, learn new skills and spend time with my family.

P : (630) 229-2160


Cynthia McLean

Account Executive - Texas

As a real estate professional with over a quarter of a century experience in the real estate industry, I am highly qualified to help you with your real estate & business financing needs. The types of transactions that I have been involved in range from small local single owner transactions to complex institutional grade investment properties. My participation in those transactions has taught me that real estate transactions are similar, but certainly not the same. You must have knowledge of the industry, but at the same time have an in-depth knowledge of the market you choose to work in. With that knowledge along with the tools available today, I can properly analyze & be creative in finding a suitable financing solution for your needs. With the vast number of loan products available today, why should you choose to do business with me? The answer is simple! Great products & exceptional service! No matter how large or small your requirement may be, they are important to me. As an individual that believes in quality over quantity, you can be sure that you will receive an excellent personal service. I look forward to meeting you & finding the right financing solution for your project. 

P: (210) 601- 5000


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Muhammad Khan

Account Executive - Florida

I am a proud BCOM Graduate. I have been in the Sales industry for 25 years. In my years of sales experience, I opened 10 branches with 500 sales points for an internationally renowned Ice Cream Company. Due to my sales expertise, I was recruited by another international firm to lead a 200 Salesman team by opening 16 new branches.. The reason for my success is being able to understand the uniqueness of my clients' needs.


P: (703) 347-1620


Jamie McKinley

Account Executive - Louisiana


I am from Houma, LA. My first job at Kay Jewellers helped me realize that my passion is to help people. With that passion, I was able to achieve a high sales volume at my next job at a GMC dealership, working as a Car Salesman. I crossed over into the apartment industry in 2019 ensuring that my clients understood the terms of their lease. I am proud to say that my success is from my ability to understand what my clients need.

P: (985) 870-6712


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