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"Your Lending & Investing Partner"

Welcome to AWM

At Aldridge Wealth Management, we provide Hard Money Loans to Real Estate Investors & Private Loans to Business Owners with the best rates and fast closing times.

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The AWM Financing team assists in providing Hard Money Loans to investors purchasing investment properties. We offer Private Loans for Fix & Flip Projects and for Rental Properties.


The AWM Investment team assists in deploying our investors’ capital into Real Estate loans. We provide safe investment products and offer a lucrative ROI.


The AWM Film Production Team provides expertise in financing Film Making Projects. Film Making Projects provide investors unique and creative opportunities to earn great ROIs.

Wealth Management &
Financial Strategies

With Aldridge Wealth Management, you will be able to leverage our long standing relationship with lenders to get the lowest interest rates. 

Aldridge Wealth Management’s Investment team will guide you towards how to find good investment properties by analyzing numerous important factors. We deliver our investors very safe Annual ROIs.

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Fix & Flip 



Program is considered a short-term loan or

a bridge loan to renovate a property. Once

the property has been renovated, the

borrower sells it for a profit.

Program focuses on providing Real Estate Investors

a low-cost capital so that they are able to maximize

their cash flow from the Investment Property.

Program helps business owners get quick access

to short-term funds to fulfill their orders to

maximize their profits. We help lend against

business assets.

Bursary / Grant

We believe it is our duty to make this world a better place

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