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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of it self."       Henry Ford

What kind of properties do you lend on?

SFR, 1-4 Residential Units, Multi-Family 5+, Mixed Use, Vacation Rentals, Apartment Buildings, Mixed Use, Fix & Flip, Construction, Land, Hotels, Resorts, Plazas, Senior Homes, Medical Office, Industrial, Gas Station and Autobody.


Do you lend to low credit score borrowers?

Yes, we do! We typically accept credit scores as low as 500.

How quickly can you lend on a property?

Our loans typically take 2-3 weeks to close from start to end. However, we have closed in as fast as 10 hours.


Do you lend on owner occupied and investment properties?

No. We ONLY lend on Investment Properties. Properties must be purchased for business purposes ONLY.  Hence, the properties have to be registered under a Company Name. Some exceptions may apply provided that the property is being purchased for business purpose.


Do you offer 2nd position/lien loans?

Yes, they are considered on a case-by-case scenario.


What is your minimum loan size?



What is your maximum loan size?


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